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What is Tallentto?

Tallentto is an innovative method that transforms your training content into tailor-made, high-impact learning experiences that are delivered through an app, optimising the training and offering you real-time information through a monitoring tool

Tallentto is tailor-made training content

Tallentto turns your training content into a high-impact learning experience on your team members' smartphones, optimising learning and offering you real-time information through a monitoring tool. Improve your sales, results, and processes flexibly and effectively

  • 100% tailor-made microlearning
  • 75% visual content with storytelling and animation
  • 80% of the explanations adapted to the user thanks to our SmartFeedback system

Tallentto is a native app

Tallentto deploy your training content through fully native iOS and Android apps. Thanks to this, we benefit from the full potential of mobile devices and can deliver more complete and user-adapted training experiences

  • 100% native app for Android and iOS
  • optional white label entry on app stores with the requested identity

Tallentto is a control website

Tallentto offers you a full control panel which from now on you will be able to measure, evaluate, and control any knowledge at the company level, department level, or employee level. Since we know your time is money, our system also offers you the ability to control by exception, which means focusing directly on the areas that need specific attention for decision-making

  • real-time information on the impact of the learning
  • filtered by branches, departments…
  • reports personalised to your needs

Our results

Here are some metrics from projects we have carried out


participation in voluntary environments


average grade of learning and achievement


of users prefer our learning model

Tallentto is science for optimising learning

Our content is designed according to specific principles to achieve learning objectives optimally through three unbeatable tools: practice testing, spaced repetition and gamification

Practice testing

Learning through questions and answers is one of the best techniques for ensuring knowledge transfer

Thanks to our exclusive SmartFeedback technology, responses are automatically adapted to user selections

Spaced repetition

The spaced reintrocution of learning units as specific intervals is shown to reduce memory loss of concepts


Tallentto turns your training content into a gamified experience. We improve your employees' participation by using stories, points, rankings, and rewards

We also convert your KPIs and business indicators into points, with a ranking that allows you to evaluate and make better decisions

Tallentto is an authentic digital training experience

We develop a fully tailor-made training experience, focused on ensuring learning, reinforcing behaviours and improving communication to generate a lasting impact over time on the participants to help improve the relevant business indicators

  • learning challenges through question and answer systems, in a highly visual format, that is high-impact and attractive to the user. Reinforcing core knowledge and ensuring learning through reinforcement and assessment systems
  • instant power-ups : instant and quick-fire question and answer games that allow us to work on knowlegde and reinforce behaviour over time. Works in an attractive, simple, and quick way for the user
  • special arrangement games that allow us to work on simulating product assembly processes or organising phases of a process
  • highly visualreference material at your fingertips. Through a search engine, the employee will be able to find the information they need to refresh their memory at a time that suits them
  • micro-courses with short audio-visual material that allows the user to receive information as a compliment to the gamified systems

Where can Tallentto be used?

Tallentto can be used in any sector, but these specific sectors can obtain a higher ROI


facilitate the understanding of everything related to safety measures, procedures, and regulation that affect the company's operations to reduce risks and improve the development of production work

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Chain Restaurants

ensure that your employees and/or franchisees have acquired the brand's values, product knowledge, work procedures and customer service that they need for effective job performance

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Chain Retail

ensure that your employees and/or franchisees know the product and the sales pitch to homogenise the customer experience, fully represent the brand, and increase sales.

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improve learning about point of sale set-up and closing procedures and customer service. Accelerate the training process for new starters for proper performance in their job roles

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods

ensure that the commercial network, distributors, and points of sale know the products well, have a uniform sales pitch and customer service criteria that is aligned with brand values and established procedures

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Pharma & Healthcare

improve communication and training of the commercial network, distributors, and points of sale know the products well, have a uniform sales pitch and customer service

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